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play:  based on the novel by M. Scholochov | and quiet flows the don

AWARDS & participant in festivals

  • Special Award of the nomination of advice for promising artists «Breakthrough» (Прорыв) and for the loyalty to the tradition of the professional study theatre- from Russia in 2014
  • Special Award of the nomination advice «Highest Theatrical Premium of St. Petersburg (RU) - The Golden Spotlight» (Золотой Софит) for educational skill and modern staging of classical prose
  • Youth Award of St. Petersburg for professional work (RU)
  • Participant of the external-competitive program of the theatre festival «The Golden Mask» (Золотая маска) in Moscow, (RU)
  • Participant o the external-competitive program of the theatre festival «mini
  • festival» (мини фестиваль) in Rostov at Don, (RU)
  • Participant of the theatre festival «Baltiskii House» (Балтиский Дом) in St. Petersburg, (RU)


Played in:

  • State Theatre «Masterskaya», St. Petersburg (RU)
  • State Theatre «Meyerholdt», Moscow (RU)
  • State Theatre «Rostov at Don», Rostov at Don (RU)


Part: Vasilisa, the matchmaker


play: a. schnitzler | being else

Played in:

Kosmos Theatre Vienna (AT) 

Part: Else


play: m. maeterlinck | the blue bird

Participated in the Festival: Skomrahi


Played in:

  • National Theatre Skopje (MDK)
  • Theatre "Spielraum" Vienna (AT)


Part: Mythyl, the girl (leading role)

PRoject: europa ERhören

Director: Mercedes Echerer

Played in:

Museuqmsquartier Vienna (AT)

Part: Reading Actress

performer as dancer: PFINXTN

Carousel Theatre (AT)

Director: Walter Baco

Played in:

Castle in Austria (AT)

Part: One of two dancers