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Awards and Participation in Festivals


  • Special Award of the nomination of advice for promising artists «Breakthrough» (Прорыв) and for the loyalty to the tradition of the professional study theatre- from Russia in 2014
  • Special Award of the nomination advice «Highest Theatrical Premium of St. Petersburg (RU) - The Golden Spotlight» (Золотой Софит) for educational skill and modern staging of classical prose
  • Youth Award of St. Petersburg for professional work (RU)

Participant in Festivals

international summer theatre school std

Based on the novel by M. Scholochov: And Quiet Flows the Don

  • Participant of the external-competitive program of the theatre festival «The Golden Mask» (Золотая маска) in Moscow, (RU)
  • Participant o the external-competitive program of the theatre festival «mini
  • festival» (мини фестиваль) in Rostov at Don, (RU)
  • Participant of the theatre festival «Baltiskii House» (Балтиский Дом) in St. Petersburg, (RU)

Played in:

  • State Theatre «Masterskaya», St. Petersburg (RU)
  • State Theatre «Meyerholdt», Moscow (RU)
  • State Theatre «Rostov at Don», Rostov at Don (RU)

Part: Vasilisa, the matchmaker


M. Maeterlinck: The Blue Bird

  • Participant in the International Theatre Festival «Skomrahi» in Skopje (MKD)

Played in:

  • National Theatre of Skopje, (MDK)
  • Theatre «Theater Spielraum» in Vienna (AT)

Part: Mythyl, the girl (leading role)


Kristina Bartashova: "I am happy because I can live several lives" 

17 Hays 2015, 17:34     Category: Interviews, Theatre    Tags: Kristina Bartashova SPbGATI, Theatre Workshop


The actress Kristina Bartashova lived for a long time in Vienna, speaks four languages, and also the language of dance. She works in Russia, Austria, and is now planning to act in the United States. Kristina describes why Europeans should know about the etude method of K.S. Stanislavsky, how Gregory M. Kozlov became a Master For Life, and why she went to search for the mysterious Russian soul.


Interview in Russian:


interview with Irina Prokofeva (Russia) I street music


  • Scene Reading: Wolfgang Borchert: Draußen vor der Tür; Part: Director & Reader of Role: young girl